We believe that every survivor of crime has the right to justice, dignity, and restoration.

The mission of Advocates for Immigrant Survivors is to provide immigration legal services and social services to aid survivors in accessing the rights to justice, dignity, and restoration. Our vision is a safer community where immigrant survivors are empowered to seek justice and live a life free from violence. AIS serves immigrant survivors in the Greater Houston area. We provide immigration legal services, safety planning, law enforcement advocacy, criminal case status updates, community referrals, and outreach and education.

“Thanks to Advocates for Immigrant Survivors, I was able to move out from a long, abusive relationship. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to get out. They provided me with a great service – words cannot describe it. I was connected to so many resources. I felt understood and supported. They showed patience and dedication to help out people like me that may be going through abuse. Now I will be able to go back to school and have a brighter future with my children.”

AIS Client

Immigration Legal Services

We provide trauma-informed immigration legal services to survivors of violent crime. We guide the immigration process with cultural sensitivity and topical expertise. 

Criminal Case Status Updates

We ensure that the survivor understands the status of the case from which their victimization arose if the case is still ongoing. 

Safety Planning and Enrollment in Services

We develop a personalized safety plan with the survivor. AIS also screens the survivor for eligibility in social services and programs related to the victimization.

Outreach and Education

Our events educate the community, whether it be survivors or service providers, on identification of and immigration options available to survivors.

Law Enforcement Advocacy

We work together with the survivor to report the crime they suffered to law enforcement. Additionally, we facilitate cooperation with the investigation of crime.

Community Referrals

While AIS provides valuable services to survivors, we are unable to meet all survivors’ needs. Therefore, we make direct referrals to other community organizations.

Advocates for Immigrant Survivors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Copyright © 2024 Advocates for Immigrant Survivors.

1305 W 11th St. #145 Houston, TX 77008 | 832-644-5524

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